Cold calling banned by law in 2018

do,aug 2016

From 2018 there will be an official ban on cold calling in Netherlands.This is part of the personal Data Protection Act. (privacy protection law). In around one and a half years, companies may only call prospects who have given their permission for contact. This new law is not only about cold calling, but also e-mailing. There is no difference between B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (business to business).

How to get independent from cold acquisition?

This creates business contacts between our organization, decision-makers and influencer in the field of customer contact. In one case a prospect needs a brochure, in another case an appointment must be scheduled. And we regularly invite prospects to visit our office in Amersfoort. Thus he meets with team of colleagues behind the online environment and he can walk around in the call center to take a good look.ContactCare is often found by new customers through good online positioning, positive referrals from existing customers and high-quality content. We contact those inbound leads to give them support in the orientation- and selection phase.

The consequences of the amendment will mainly be felt in the sales sector because cold calling is a commonly used method to start new relationships with customers. But the prohibition does not constitute a threat. We are proud to say that ContactCare is a living proof of a successful organization that knows how to build a customer base without cold acquisition. ContactCare is a unique concept within the call center world, that turned out in six years of strong growth by doing business with inbound customer contact.We believe that the combination of good service and positioning are sufficient to make your target audience curious to do business with you, and enthusiastic when they actually do. ContactCare can speak of a large customer base without ever having a push strategy. This strategy continues in our services. We dare to say no to extensive outbound campaign project requests with only commercial purposes in mind. We cooperate with organizations that are equally convinced that the customer journey of every single consumer comes first.

ContactCare ensures customer service for a great variety of companies at the time desired. In this way, the business partnerships contribute to quality. Increasingly, it appears that the results of inbound lead generation are better than the results of cold calling. It is the combination of inbound assistance, human contact and professional follow-up of leads that results in a sustainable partnership and ambassadors.

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Feedback model - OEPS

Dit krachtige model helpt je om gemakkelijk een constructief en effectief gesprek te starten.

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